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Venom Low Voltage Battery Monitor for 2-8S Batteries

Venom Low Voltage Battery Monitor for 2-8S Batteries
This is a Venom part #0644, A Low Voltage Battery Monitor 2-8S

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Checks individual cell voltage and overall pack voltage and sounds an alarm if the voltage is below 3.3V per cell. Attaches to the balance connector on most 2-8S (7.4-29.6V) LiPo packs. Guaranteed to be free from material defects and manufacturing faults when new.


  • 2-8S LiPo LiIon and LiFe Voltage Monitor


Voltage Precision: +0.01V
Cell Voltage Range: 0.5-4.5V
Pack Voltage Range: 0.5-36V
Test Mode Voltage Range: 3.7-30V
Low Voltage Alarm Mode: 2-8S
Alarm Voltage Range: OFF-2.7-3.8V

Product Specifications

Part NumberVNR0644
Voltage Precision+0.01V
Cell Voltage Range0.5-4.5V
Pack Voltage Range0.5-36V
Test Mode Voltage Range3.7-30V
Low Voltage Alarm Mode2-8S
Alarm Voltage RangeOFF-2.7-3.8V
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