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Ford GT40 #1009 Sutcliffe n.40

Ford GT40 #1009 Sutcliffe n.40
This is the Slot.it model #SICA18C, Ford GT40 #1009 Sutcliffe n.40, 1000km Spa 1966

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Ready to race 1/32 slot car, compatible to use on most major track systems such as Scalextric. This model is fitted with high quality racing parts with the ability to easily change the car setup and configuration by using the Slot.it tuning parts.

The Ford GT40 is one of the most famous cars in Le Mans history, having won the 24-Hour race four times in a row. In 1966 it was with the Mk II version, in 1967 with the Mk IV, in 1968 and 1969 with the
first one, Mk I. It was built to compete against Ferrari, who had won LeMans six times in a row from 1960 to 1965. The development of ‘Mk I’ was carried mainly by Ford Advanced Vehicle in England, joined in 1965 by Carroll Shelby. It was a car built for racing, but also for road circulation; the name ‘GT40’ comes from the height from ground, which is 40 inches. The chassis was a steel semi - monocoque, the body was made of
fiberglass. The engine came from the one used on the AC Cobra, with cast-iron block and head: naturally aspired V8, 4.7 litres displacement, 2 valves per cylinder operated by a central camshaft with push-rod; it was
coupled with a ZF 5 speeds gearbox. Brakes were provided with vented discs on all the four wheels. The green GT40 that ran the 1966 Spa 1000 km with number 40 was owned by the British team Peter Sutcliffe Limited; its chassis number was 1009, registered in Johannesburg with number TJ3 406. The car was driven by Peter Sutcliffe himself and Brian Redman.


  • High detail
  • Fitted with quality Slot.it racing parts
  • Aluminium rear wheels
  • Displayed in a clear case with Slot.it packaging

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